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About Us

We’re the only company that specializes in dental construction: we build dental offices exclusively. Our locally stationed Project Managers with in house team of major subcontractors: architects, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, framing, drywall ensures high quality at low cost. We know that each doctor has unique specification and budgetary preferences for their practice. We will work closely with you from start to finish to get you a work that looks and fits within your budget. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Our 5 years Warranty:

We’re confident that the quality of our materials and the skill of our workmanship ensure results that’ll last for years to come. That’s why we protect your investment with a five-year written warranty – one of the longest warranties in the construction industry – on every project we complete..

Associated General contractors of America:

Our years of expertise in health facility construction have earned us an elite position within the Associated General Contractors of America. We’re proud to serve as frequent keynote speakers on panels covering the complexities of health facility construction.

BBB Accreditation:

We’ve got a flawless record  –  and our  Better  Business    Bureau accredited business certificate proves it. In fact, throughout all our years in the business, we’ve never received a single complaint we couldn’t resolve.

American Dental Association Endorsement:

Our top-quality construction of more than 450 dental offices has earned us the American Dental Association’s “Builder of 2015” award, along with strong endorsement from the association.

Why Choose Us?

See the Practice Construction Difference!

You’re proud of the high standards your office upholds – so don’t trust any old general contractor to design and build your space. Here are just some of the big differences between Practice Construction and “those other guys.”

Practice Construction
Experienced specialists in dental office design and construction
Highly trained in-house teams of plumbers, electricians and other experts
Most projects completed within just 90 days
One-time bid that never increases
Detailed understanding of health codes, drainage requirements, and other health facility standards
Pricing designed around your budget, without sacrificing quality
5-year written warranty on every project
Any Ordinary Contractor
Generalists with no dental office experience
Separate subcontracts with various individual specialists, who may lack expertise and run over budget
Completion date depends heavily on subcontractors and unanticipated problems
Bait-and-switch prices that change as the job progresses
Little knowledge of health codes – risking redos, holdups, and budget increases throughout the project
Pricing based on vague estimates, which may hugely increase before the project is complete
No written warranty of any kind