Q) Why it is important to hire a construction company that specializes in dental office construction?

A) Construction by a firm that specializes in building medical and dental offices assures familiarity with the many regulatory issues including: local/state health codes, fire codes, HIPAA/privacy issues and local building codes.

Q) Why is the office design important for Dental Business?

A) Only architects with experience designing dental offices understand how to account for their unique traffic flow. Our architects have talked with dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and patients to determine pain points that come from bad design and to learn what they’re looking for. Also, growing dental practices may require more available space, and our architects design with this in mind.

Q) How Practice Construction builds good quality dental offices within the Budget?

A) Our in-house team of architects, plumbers, electrician, and framing expert saves us the cost of subcontracting work to other companies and We buy our materials directly from the manufacturer, saving the cost of a middleman. Aafter building more than 400 dental offices, we’ve achieved peak efficiency and we pass on the savings to you.

Q) What is the cost per square foot to build an office?

A) This depends on many factors such as Location– regulations vary from county to county and city to city: some towns requires sprinkler systems; some towns require lead paint inspection; backflow valves on dental chairs, etc; and many other variables that can affect the cost of construction. Size of the building: for example, a 5,000 sq-foot dental office will cost less per sq foot than a 1,500 sq-foot office as most of the money is spent on the exam rooms, lab, and bathrooms. There are many other factors that contribute to the cost of construction, There is no fix per sq feet number for Dental office construction

Q) Will I have say in the construction process?

A) Absolutely! We will work with you at every stage. We start by discussing the architecture plans with you to get things on the right track at the early stages to avoid any reworking. We then request an inspection at each stage, so you can give you input and suggest any changes. We contact you for a second inspection after framing is completed and electrical and plumbing is marked.

Q) Can I hire any general contractor to construct my dental office?

A) It’s best to hire a company with experience building dental offices. Some contractors will bid low just to get the job and are not familiar with the specialized electrical, plumbing or structural work medical equipment requires. The best way to make sure that your dental office design and construction project is completed without surprises is to go with a firm that specializes in healthcare construction services. This assures effective communication and completion on-time and on-budget in compliance with health/building codes and requirements

Q) What is the time frame for building a dental office?

A) We complete the majority of our projects within 90 days from the date of issue of permits.

Q) What is the difference between your company and other construction companies?

A) Dental office construction is not ordinary office construction. There are many things to consider while constructing dental office including but not limited to: Design Lab/Sterilization rooms need to be easily accessible from exam rooms. Patient waiting rooms must have a calm, relaxing design and paint finishes to provide the best environment for patients. Traffic flows between exam rooms, lab, front desk and consultation rooms. Wooden studs need to place on X-ray walls Mechanical rooms need to have to have remote switch at convenient place for activating equipment.

Q) Other contractors give a low price first and then charge more with change orders. Do you do this?

A) No. We will walk you through every step of construction so any discrepancies will be eliminated before they occur. This is the advantage you have going with experienced company.

Q) Where do you buy the cabinets?

A) We buy our cabinets directly from the manufacturer so cutting the middleman and passing the savings to you

Q) What if there is problem after the construction is complete?

A) We never get calls about issues for our work. We take pride in our work and guarantee it. In the unlikely event that a problem arises, we’ll redo it at no extra charge.

Q) Do you work with my lender?

A) Yes, we work with any lender.

Q) Will your architect or designer work with us?

A) Yes, we design your office according to your input! We communicate with you back and forth while designing your office to take your preferences into consideration.

Q) Do you work with a company that installs chairs?

A) Yes we are under contract with you until you see your first patient. We help install chairs and other equipment and do necessary modification to fit them.