Affordable Construction

How do we manage to provide quality construction within Budget? Because we have an in-house team of contractors to do the majority of the construction work. Dental office construction is specialized, requiring, to give a couple of examples, hospital-grade wirings and special plumbing techniques.

We communicate with you at every stage of construction progress.

  • =We start with discussing the architectural plans with you to identify any changes at early stages. Identifying any issues at the design phase will save you money.
  • =We call you for a second inspection after framing is completed and electrical and plumbing is marked.
  • =We contact you for a third inspection right before installing the sheetrock. This allows you to save money by making any changes before the sheetrock is in.
  • =Final inspection is after everything is completed to make sure everything is to your specifications.
These inspections are for your satisfaction to make sure Dental office is built to your specifications.
Our construction is guaranteed to meet all local (city and state) fire and building codes. We aren’t finished until you get the occupancy certificate from local town or city.

Creative Designs

You want your office to be functionally efficient and aesthetically beautiful. Only a team of architects that has designed 410 (and counting) dental offices can execute the best office for you. Our architects have designed offices from 1,200 sq to 10,000 sq and are very familiar with the needs of small and large spaces. A better design can save you on construction costs and can also increase your productivity

Check out some of our creative designs

Professional Lease Negotiation

You’ve found a perfect place? Great! Our attorneys can work with you to negotiate lease terms with owner. Commercial leases aren’t the same as your residential lease Where residential lease are restricted by local laws to favor the tenant as it involves Children and family dwelling.Whereas Commercial lease are business only and Owner can have any terms you for anything and courts will enforce those terms few examples of such terms are
  • RLease terms can require you to open office 6 days per week when you're planning to open 4 and you’ll end up paying fine every week.
  • RLease term can require you to move to different spot within plaza after certain number of years and you won't have a choice after those number of years
  • RLease term can require you to use only certain kind of material or only their approved contractor which will cost you more to build the dental office
  • RThere are hundreds of terms & conditions which can be added to lease but good thing is that all of them can be negotiated as per your requirements
Lease must be carefully evaluated by a professional team. Our attorneys have experience negotiating for dental offices and know all the pitfalls. That means we can negotiate professionally on your behalf

After Construction support

Installation of dental chairs and mechanicals: we work with your choice or with our preferred vendors to make sure dental equipment installation process goes smoothly. We provide 5 years Warranty of our work so even if we completed your dental office in 90 days we are still liable for any defects up to 5 years. Working with us will be smooth and hassle-free. You’ll be working with a company that only specializes only on medical construction.